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Great challenge and hope its on next year. Now its officially spring and moving to summer, soon be Easter, no reason to stop now and get back in the car. Cant beat riding to work on a spring morning. I hope everyone who has taken part keeps going. Thanks Glen @Siemens.

Cycling to work this morning was a foggy one but it give me an excuse to use my new lights and bag cover to make sure I could be seen...

Have uploaded a photo of my last bit of walk every morning which makes me feel as though I am losing inches!!

I heard a woodpecker on my cycle through Upton Country Park, not a sound I would have otherwise heard in my normal commute :-)

Loving the feeling of getting back on the bike, thank you Dorset Commuter Challenge for providing the reason and a little bit of competitiveness in the office to encourage us back on our bikes!

Definitely going to keep up the cycling after March.

Cycled in again with a flat tyre, hadn't pumped up new tube properly. sigh. Weather is at last improving

An Ode to Cycling to Work

It’s on Dorset mornings like these

With the sun rising and an onshore breeze

That I dream of going wherever I please.

I even start to fantasize of being in the Tour de France,

But then I look at my owner with a disdainful glance

And realise there’s no chance.

We wouldn’t be able to complete such a feat,

As he’s not exactly a toned athlete,

What with his chubby legs and size 10 feet!

But as I glide over the asphalt

Of a tranquil cycle path, the iciness that I felt

Begins to melt.

You see my rider’s making a small difference

To sustainable commuting deliverance,

And this laudable aim warrants support, not indifference.

So, it’s becoming clear that the solution

To traffic jams and vehicle pollution

Is a cycling revolution!

Beautiful train ride to Dorchester yesterday from Poole. Beats sitting in a car in traffic.

It'd be great if our trains could run on time as they do in europe though!

Walking an extra stop to get on the bus this morning get my steps up. Enjoying getting the bus as it gives me time to unwind from a shift.

After seemingly getting wet every commute last week, this week is off to a better note with a nice (dry) cycle on a mild March morning!

I made it through the week riding (except Weds), so feel like I've taken on the weather an won.

Well that was a hard week, why is the wind always in your face.

Its a little Wizard Of Oz out there!! Hold onto your brolly!!

Windy ride today! Felt fortunate to have a little button on my bike that gives me turbo power! That was really helpful riding into the headwind.

A little breezy today😬

A nice morning for cycling, in an easterly direction! I'll take a different route to go home on, which is more sheltered and avoids much of the headwind you can expect on the promenade.

Feeling good, so this week I have parked a little bit further away and walked a bit further. It was a beautiful crisp sunny morning and I really enjoyed the walk in !

I've been using the Uni bus to travel between campuses when i would usually drive. I actually realised i could sit back and relax on the bus! And it's free for staff between the campuses so i saved my own petrol costs!

May even get the bike out tomorrow and cycle in!! :O

Walking to work this morning. I got wet. Now at work, it's blue skies!