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Here you'll find some answers to common questions. Still having trouble? You can get in touch with us here:

What is the Challenge?

The aim of the Challenge is to get as many people as possible commuting to work by walking, cycling, public transport, lift-sharing and many more. You can log your work journeys too.

Anyone who works in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset can take part and we're hoping to get as many workplaces signed up as possible.

Its great fun and we'll be giving out loads of great prizes along the way. Once your workplace is signed up you can compete as part of a team or on your own. All you have to do is register and start logging your journeys to get on the leaderboard.Don't forget to encourage as many colleagues as possible to join in.

If your workplace hasn't signed up yet, you can sign it up, or find the most relevant person to do it. The first person from a workplace who sign s up acts as the Captain.

If you live in Bournemouth, Poole or Dorset but don't work here, don't worry! residents can sign up and compete as individals. You can still win lots of prizes but won't be entered into the workplace prize draw.

How do I edit my profile?

Just go to your profile page and then scroll down to the bottom. You'll see your contact details and an 'edit details' button (no-one else will be able to see this and you'll need to be logged in for it to work). Click on this and you'll be able to update your settings.

If you need to edit any of your journeys just click on the 'view journeys' button which you'll find under the journey totals of your profile.

How do I join a team?

If you registered but didn't select a Workplace and click the 'Join Workplace/Department'button or 'Create a new workplace' button then you'll need to edit your profile. Just go to your profile page and then scroll down to the bottom. You'll see your contact details and an 'edit details' button. Click on this and you'll be able to 'Register with a workplace'.

How do I change my team?

Just go to your profile page and then scroll down to the bottom. You'll see your contact details and an 'edit details' button (no-one else will be able to see this and you'll need to be logged in for it to work). Click on this and you'll be able to 'Change your Workplace and/or control how they contact you.'

How do I amend my team profile?

If you set up the team originally you will have admin rights for the team profile page.

Information for team captains can be found on the 'Workplace Captain info' page in the drop down box from the 'ME' tab in the menu bar.

How do I find out who my Workplace Captain is?

To find out who your Workplace Captain is just scroll to the bottom of your workplace profile page and you'll see the name of your Captain.

Can we keep an eye on our competitors?

Yes you can. We call this the 'Nemesis Challenge'. You'll need your workplace captain to set this up for you but it is very straight forward.

1. Get your captain to log-in.
2. Get them to go the profile page of the workplace you want to 'watch'.
3. Just underneath the workplace name they'll see a 'Watch this team' button.
4. Click the button.

Now go back to your own workplace profile and you'll see a section showing the ones you are watching. You'll see how they are doing and how far ahead or behind them you are.

What counts as a "journey"?

The Challenge includes sustainable travel modes that are available in your area. You can find a full list of travel modes on the home page. A journey can be counted if it is to work, from work or whilst at work.

Also, if you use more than one sustainable mode of travel on your way to/from work or out and about on business you can count each mode as a separate journey. For example: you walk 1 mile to the bus stop and then take a 10 mile bus ride to work. You can log a walking journey and a separate bus journey.

Working from home? - this counts too! Just select this option from the list of modes and enter the distance that you would have travelled.

Who can I contact for more information?

Bournemouth Borough Council - Emma Sadiwskyj - Frewer -

Technical queries - Sustrans Challenge Team -

Travel advice Bournemouth and Poole - Getting About -
Travel advice Dorset - Travel Dorset -

It's too far for me to walk or cycle to work!

You may be surprised how far you can comfortably cycle. Commutes of five miles or more are perfectly manageable, even for relatively inexperienced cyclists. If the trip still seems daunting, why not compromise by walking or cycling to a bus stop or train station? This is a great way of incorporating some active travel into your daily commute.

Does a short walk or cycle ride really make any difference?

Making just one short journey on foot or by bike can save around 2kg of carbon compared to driving. There are also significant health benefits if journeys are made regularly.

I don't have a bike, but would like to get one that suits me.

There are a whole range of bikes to suit every need - the trick is to match your bike to the regular journey you want to make. Some employers offer the Cycle to Work Scheme as a way of enabling employees to access new bikes at a discounted rate, paid for in instalments.

What type of bike should I buy?

Road bikes are fast and light, but new riders can sometimes find the seating position restrictive. A mountain bike may be sturdier and has a more upright riding position, but be sure to put on slick tyres if you're riding on the road! A hybrid is a compromise between the two - a lightweight frame but an upright riding position. Folding bikes are increasingly popular, and modern versions are comfortable and efficient. Electrically assisted or E Bikes have come a long way in the past few years, try contacting a local bike shop for more information or to take a test ride.

What do I need to wear for cycling?

Wear whatever you want, as long as you're comfortable. Contrary to popular belief, head to toe lycra is not a requirement for travelling by bike!

Do I have to be part of a team to take part?

No. You can take part as an individual, or part of a workplace team or department.                

If the Challenge has already started. Can I still join?

Absolutely! You can sign up at any point during the challenge.                

How are the carbon, calorie and cost savings calculated?

Carbon calculations are based on data from the Defra document 2010 Guidelines to Defra / DECC's GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting: Methodology Paper for Emission Factors and use approximate figures based on the average car.

Calorie savings are based on NHS figures for average walking and cycling activity. Cost calculations are based on AA data regarding the cost of running a car, and use approximate figures based on the average car.

What will you do with the results?

None of your personal data will be shared with anyone other than the Dorset team and Sustrans. Overall results will be used to demonstrate the impact of the challenge, to inform future initiatives and to promote the benefits of more active travel.

I would like a bespoke challenge for my organisation.

Yes we can offer a more bespoke challenge - please contact to discuss your needs.