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The Challenge has finished!


11,708 Total
1,554 Bus
736 Car sharing
0 Park and Ride
4,137 Cycling
189 Electric bike
133 Electric car
23 Electric car sharing
2 Foot passenger ferry
52 Motorbike / scooter
447 Overland train
292 Park and walk
215 Running
6 Scooting / Skating
43 Virtual meeting / tele conference
3,513 Walking
373 Working from home


743 People registered for the challenge
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Carbon Emissions

8,971 Kg Of CO2 Have been saved The same journeys made by car would have emitted 17,323 kg of co2

Cost Savings

£14,313.3 Has been saved the same journeys made by car would have cost £26,771.9

Calories Burnt

6,845 doughnuts worth of calories burnt
1,724,950 total calories

Reduce CO2 emissions

Burn Calories

Reduce travel costs

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